Trucking Rates Compared to Service

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We all know how cut backs and market trends effect the industry but is the cost of transportation verses quality and safety matter? If you said rates are more important and feel safety and quality don’t matter in comparison. You may need to look at the over all picture again…Trucking companies are not created equal and when contracting a job out for the lowest bidder can be dangerous..Why? First off, the lowest bidder may be baiting you until the last minute when he says he will do the job and when the pressure is on for you, he hits you up for a higher rate knowing you are stuck with him. This tactic has become common place in this industry lately and it costs your company a lot of extra headache and money. Secondly, a carrier or broker with the lowest rate may not have the proper operating authority or insurance to legally transport your goods. Many carriers slip through the cracks and haul freight up and down our roads with no concern for safety or regulation. When these guys get caught by the D.O.T. (Department Of Transportation – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), your shipment may be delayed, impounded or damaged. Damaged FreightI believe some of you may say at this point, “this is what insurance is for”..In most cases, Yes..But some insurance companies will investigate a claim and find the carrier was not in compliance with the carrier regulations and deny your claim..Now your shipment is worthless and you absorb the loss. Third, a carrier with the lowest rate may have poor equipment that is unsafe for highway use. D.O.T. does a great job trying to catch these violations but many still get through. When you work with a reputable carrier with safety and quality ethics, your load is safe from these three concerns. Another thing to mention is LOYALTY…Does loyalty in a carrier matter to you? It should, in this industry there will always be times you need a favor or request something out of the ordinary for a carrier to perform such as a last minute emergency shipment, after hours request, or multiple shipments on the spur of the moment..A loyal trucking company or agent will always answer the phone 24/7 and assist you in your time of need WHEN you need them.. Yes, it may cost you a little more in a pinch, but the job will be done and your interest will be looked after and much of the burden removed from you. Safety * Compliant * Quality * Service * Loyalty should be on your check list in this order, when seeking out your transportation services. We are not all the same, do your homework before you select a carrier or broker to handle your next shipment.

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